Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Express New Fragrance Offerings

It appears that just in time for the holidays, Express store has few new fragrance offerings. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Love Express Midnight-this is a flanker to their popular Love Express which is a fruity floral with musky undertones. The newest addition is somewhat similar but layers deeper fruit and musk notes, perhaps with a hint of vanilla(even though vanilla is listed in original scent, I could never smell it). I am basically going by my nose because I couldn’t find the notes listed anywhere on the web(sorry, my dears). All in all, pleasant if not unusual scent. It comes in the same shape bottle, except scent inside is darker looking and bottle has a black bow, priced at $44.90 (which in my opinion is a bit pricey for what it is).

I have noticed that several companies are doing fragrances by numbers-personally, I prefer an actual creative scent name rather than it’s being called “1” or “2” or whatever. I guess, Express decided to jump on that bandwagon because we have 3 new fragrances, named Express 1 for women, Express 2 for women and Express 3 for women.
Fortunately, notes are listed on each bottle(thanks, Express) so you can at least have an idea what are you smelling.
Express 1-praline and lily. My nose smelled fairly average fruity floral. Eh, nothing to get excited about.
Express 2-white amber and jasmine. Now, we are talking. This was a bit more interesting and more my speed. Musky, little sweet, and even though it didn’t list fruit in the notes, I felt like there was some fruit happening in the top note(but what do I know), and nice lush jasmine note. I felt it was rather unusual so that was all to the good.
Express 3-midnight violet and vanilla. Eh, I smelled mostly vanilla and not much else. Don’t get me wrong, I love vanilla but I can’t say that this was anything out of ordinary. This one smelled very one dimensional. If I had to pick one scent out of the three, I would choose number 2. All three are priced at $39.90 and there are also body sprays for each scent which were I think, $15 for bottle.
Speaking of bottles, as far as body sprays go, I really didn’t care for their bottles as they appeared to be very plain and cheap looking.

And then we have Express Rose for women-this was out already little while ago but it is still a fairly new offering. This is a nice girly rose fragrance that doesn’t smell medicinal(my biggest pet peeve with rose fragrances). If you like rose, this is a good choice. This one is also priced at $39.90.
Lasting power was poor to average. I always harp on how fragrances went from long lasting to lasting an hour and sadly, Express is no different. I feel like for this price, they needed to make a bit more effort.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Gucci Guilty Absolute for men(new) and Cabotine Gold

Gucci Guilty Absolute

Notes-leather, patchouli, cypress, woods and vetiver.

When I was in Sephora, I actually seen two guys smell it, wrinkle their noses and put it right back. One guy even went as far as exclaim "Damn, this is bad!"
so of course I had to smell it for myself. I can see why this doesn't appeal to some(or many) people-it smells like old leather. No, really. Old cedar box and old leather. You can picture both of those things and all is missing is the horse, and a cowboy hat(at least those are the images I get from this).
I wouldn't like it on a man(that's just from my female point of view) but if someone wants to smell like old tooled boots and wood, its a free country.

Rating-1(on 1 to 5 scale)

Cabotine Gold by Gres

Notes: Orange, pink pepper, melon(I am sorry but I can't smell any of those other hint of citrus in the beginning)
Jasmin, tiare flower(none of that I can smell either) and peony
Patchouli, vetiver and amber.

Cabotine Gold is a flanker of "regular" Cabotine and its not a new fragrance(its been around since 2010). However, I didn't sample it until yesterday even though I seen it sold numerous times at CVS drugstores. I checked Fragrantica for reviews and I was intrigued by those who claimed it resembled Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle.
Upon actually smelling it, I would agree that it does bear resemblance to Coco M but Coco M is much heavier overall and more intense on patchouli. Cabotine Gold is very light, golden smelling and sparkling. Kind of like champagne. It has very light citrusy note and then it unveils the golden sunny floral which is light and unoffensive.  I really like it but lasting power is zilch. I can spray it all over myself and its barely there. It lays VERY close to the skin.

I will say that its actually closer to Chanel's Chance if anything. Also, Perry Ellis Love is another one that is rather similar except Love is "drier" and more "Astringent" .

Rating-3.5. I would happily give it higher rating if it actually projected and lasted longer

Monday, April 24, 2017

Guess 1981 -new spring fragrance

I own another perfume from Guess and in my opinion their fragrances not half bad. So when I heard they had new one, I decided to check it out on my recent visit to Guess store.

Not sure why its called Guess 1981-is it supposed to be a throwback to 1981? Not sure what is the deal with the name but its the scent itself that matters, right?

I love Fragrantica site because I can usually find notes for most perfumes on there and so here are notes for Guess 1981
ambrette seed, violet
pear, jasmine, sandalwood
cedarwood, musk and amber

Best way to describe it is woodsy floral-it opens up crisply, with tart smelling violet, but middle notes mellow out into much sweeter floral which doesn't wait too long to hit you with the woods.  Its nice.
I wouldn't say its anything earth shattering but I like it. I doubt it is something I will purchase but the ladies who enjoy woodsy florals that are fairly light, may like this. Bottle is a bit too plain and boring for my taste but different strokes for different folks. It can be purchased online or in Guess store for $52 for 1.7 oz

Guess 1981 Guess for women

Bath and Body Works new April offerings

Bath and Body Works has four new fragrances out which are available in store and on their website. I have to say that its been a while since BBW impressed me and those fragrances don’t break that mold.

Somehow, it supposed to have “French feel” to it although I still yet have to see what exactly is “French” about any of those.

So we have:

1)     Bonjour Paris-notes of Inspired by macarons at a Paris cafĂ©

Notes: pink sugarcane, whipped marshmallow, candied orange blossom, white honeysuckle, fluffy amber.

To be honest, it doesn’t smell like macarons. I get fairly basic vanilla with hint of floral scent. Meh.

2)     La Fleur-Notes-waterlily, tulips, freesia blossom, mandarin, sandalwood. This was fairly basic green floral that’s not different from thousand others.

3)     French Rivera-Notes-seaside citrus(not sure what that means-citrus eaten by seaside? Got me), jasmine water, amber musk, summer fig, driftwood. This one reminded me of BBW scent they used to have, I think it was called Dancing Waters? Very clean, fresh scent. Nothing too unique but if you like clean fresh fragrances, this maybe up your alley.

4)     Rose Champagne-Notes-clementine, bergamot, apple blossom, pink pepper, blond woods. I don’t know why its called “champagne” since nothing about it reminds me of champagne. Its kind of citrusy, “sparkling” scent, with bit of woods in the drydown. To me, it was very “eh, nothing interesting”.

I kind of feel like all four scents are VERY basic and generic. Not that BBW have not done it before but this is just more of the same.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Notable mention from Bath and Body Works-At The Beach

Its been a long time since I posted but I am back:)
I always been fan of Bath and Body Works but there has not been too many interesting fragrance that they put out in those last few years.
Right before the summer, they always come out with some coconut themed fragrances and this year is no different. However, in my opinion, this year selection smells just like same ol thing, they do every year. Except for "At the Beach"-it smells like coconut but not sickly sweet kind. This is tropical floral, ocean and green leaves. And light coconut.
Notes from BBW:

Top Notes: Palm Leaves, Coconut Water, Bergamot Splash
  • Mid Notes: Jasmine Petals, Fragipani, Coconut Chips
  • Dry Notes: Salty Amber, White Musk, Raw Sugar Cane
  • This is lighter and more floral than usual coconut offerings so I fell in love with it on the spot. Now, they have several items in their collection like the usual body lotion, shower gel etc but also, they had small perfume sprays for $6 bucks which is what I eagerly snagged. I am not a fan of their body sprays because its a waste of money in my opinion.
    But this fragrance I am loving. Spray "At the beach" and you will be instantly transported to the beach;)

    Another one that I really loved was from their "Tutti Dolce" collection- "Golden Honey Praline"
    if you want to smell like you are sitting in the cake, go no further than this scent.
    Notes from BBW:

    Top Notes: Pear Blossom, Hazelnut
  • Mid Notes: Salted Caramel, Cashew Milk, Sheer Jasmine
  • Dry Notes: Tonka Bean, Whipped Honey, Praline Musk
  • Those two are really nice but the rest is kind of boring in my opinion. Of course, if you like one of the other fragrances, more power to you but I find these two to be better than average. Happy shopping!

    Monday, August 22, 2016

    Jennifer Lopez Love and Light

    I have Love, Light and Glamour and I felt it was a major dud. At least in my opinion. It was a greenish floral with some fruit notes and I was not into it at all. It was not repulsive but meh.

    However, I read some reviews on Fragrantica and thought it was worth a shot. Next thing I know, I seen this at TJ Maxx for 8 dollars, so it was no brainer.
    Let me say-what a difference between the two! I love Love and Light! It has very interesting top fruity note(pomegranate I guess) but it doesn't smell generic or common. And then, even though it supposed to have Jasmine and rose, it smells more like tiara flower and coconut. This is very tropical which I never thought it would be. But its a pleasant surprise. It supposed to have apricot note in it as well but I aren't smelling it. Too bad because I love peach and apricot notes but what you gonna do.

    Lasting power is good as well-couple of sprays lasted several hours so I am not complaining and for 8 dollars, this is awesome!

    Lot of times I wear two fragrances at the time and I paired this one with Royal Hawaiian Tuberose perfume and Victoria Secret Sexy Now 2015 which is light fresh coconut fragrance.
    But trust me, tuberose together with this is a sure winner

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012


    Normally when BBW starts hyping up one of their scents, I always end up dissapointed because they just never live up to the hoopla. This is no different-all you hear is BBW talking about how "luxurious and unique" this scent is and how they used the "most expensive" ingridients.
    I was in the store the other week and I saw they were selling little bottles of edt for $5 so of course, i got one. I also sprayed it once on the paper strip from the tester bottle.
    According to BBW, the notes are:
  • Top Notes: Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple
  • Mid Notes: Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus
  • Dry Notes: Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood
  • In some way, this reminded me of Japanese Cherry Blossom-I don't mean it smells the same but it has kind of the same floral oriental vibe-initial notes you can definately smell pomegranate and apple( I really don't get the peach which is too bad) and then it changes into light version of Japanese Cherry Blossom(slightly powdery vanilla and woods).
    My biggest problem with this, I heard many of their sale associates go on how long lasting it is and you only need one spray. Oh, please-the smell dissappeared from my test strip in minutes and when I sprayed it on my wrist, 2 sprays, and went to work, it was gone completely by the time I got there(1 hour). I noticed that this scent lays very close to your skin from the very start so expensive or not expensive ingridients, it doesn't last any longer than any of their other scents and is certainly not worth $44 price tag. If it lasts long time on you, its because of your chemistry not because the scents is actually long lasting.
    What ticked me off even more is their prices for Forever Red bodycare-$18-20 dollars for lotion or shower gel? Are you kidding me? This is premium designer pricing that you will pay at most department stores. And that brings me to my biggest complaint with BBW-their scents get weaker every year and prices keep going up. I recently  bought Vanilla Bean Noel body spray/lotion and also Dream Vanilla Woods(or whatever the name was) and body spray lasted probably 5 minutes. I spoke with other women on fragrance boards who had the same experience-its like spraying lightly scented water on yourself. And because of that, I won't be buying any more of BBW body sprays, its TOTAL waste of money. I recently bought several body sprays from Body Fantasies which costs $6, you can get it at most drugstores and it has lasting power of several hours. BBW should really be ashamed of themselves for ripping people off like that-I actually like Forever Red(although I don't think its THAT exceptional) but I won't be buying it because price is ridiculous for that it is. I wouldn't mind paying the price if the scent actually lasted. Sad.